Linda Pfingst was an invaluable resource to the New Jersey Conference of Mayors
during my time as President. Right from the start, Linda impressed us with her thorough,
efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but
generated the results we were looking for. She is exceedingly knowledgeable of the laws
that apply to nonprofit organizations and incredibly easy to work with. Linda’s attention
to details and ability to prioritize NJCM’s various financial projects is unsurpassed. I can
say that it was a truly agreeable experience collaborating with Linda. I would
recommend her to any organization that wants results they can see!
Colleen Mahr, Immediate Past President
New Jersey Conference of Mayors

I just wanted to let everyone know that the Coalition has been approved by the IRS as a
501c3 organization. The application package was very large and took a lot of time to put
together. Our CPA, Linda Pfingst did an outstanding job. She deserves a big thank you
from everyone. Without her we could not have done it! She donated countless hours to
getting this application completed and approved. She believes in what we do and
apparently so does the IRS. This ruling will now allow us to accept large donations from
corporate and private endowment sponsors to build on our fledgling programs such as
our Police Leadership Institute for Accreditation Managers, a model written directive
system that is compliant with the NJSACOP's, CALEA's Recognition standards and AG
guidelines (for small agencies), and supplementing local agencies with capitol who cannot
otherwise afford accreditation. This is a great day for law enforcement accreditation in
New Jersey!
Sgt. Theodore Bremer
New Jersey Public Safety Accreditation Coalition

Linda has been an invaluable resource to our organization since 1994. I know that we are
following the laws that apply to nonprofit organizations and that our funds are being
handled properly. Even more importantly, I know that I can count on her to alert us to
changes in our financial status, not just from day to day or even year to year, but over
the long term. Our organization never embarks on a project with long range financial
implications without getting her input. Linda manages our funds carefully, making sure
that we are getting the best rates on our reserve funds, but never risking our principal.
Linda has saved me enormous amounts of time by using past information about our
spending habits in order to help develop our annual budget. In addition to having an
outstanding understanding of the financial underpinnings of our organization, Linda is
just plain likeable!
Eloise Murray, MS, CCC-SLP, Treasurer
New Jersey Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Inc.

Linda’s expertise and experience with non-profit organizations made the filing of our
1023 application a much easier task. Her close attention to each detail of the required
and supplemental documents ensured that our application would process smoothly and in
a timely manner. Linda understood how important receiving tax exempt status was to the
success of our rabbit rescue organization and how anxiously we were awaiting word. The
first to congratulate and inform us that the 501 c 3 status had been granted, Linda is a
genuine pleasure to work with!

Karen Augustynowicz
Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue, Inc.
Clinton, NJ

Financial accountability and integrity are one of the guiding principles of New Jersey
Reads. As a new statewide nonprofit, Linda’s expertise has ensured that our filings and
audits are accurate and submitted on-time, which is key to the operation and ongoing
success of any nonprofit. The breadth and depth of her expertise is always a delight,
great surprise and reassuring. She’s always reading the latest in accounting and tax
practices, networking with experts and sharing nuggets in plain, easy-to-understand
terms. For a non-financial person, she makes finances fun and, as a bonus, she
strengthens my leadership abilities in managing a growing organization.
Penni Wild, Executive Director
New Jersey Reads, Inc.

Linda C Pfingst is reliable and very knowledgeable. I was able to avoid major IRS pitfalls
by consulting with Linda. She is always prompt to reply to any of my accounting
questions. Very versed in all areas of her practice, from bookkeeping to partnership
taxation. She provides a quality service at great prices. I am an accountant myself,
however working together with Linda proved to be very useful. I would strongly
recommend working with Linda C Pfingst, CPA, LLC. Very professional!
Dennis Denisov
Aldenol LLC

Whiskers Rescue was incorporated in 2001. After years of searching for an accountant
with excellent knowledge of non profits, fair prices, and a willingness to work with small
organizations we were lucky enough to find Linda Pfingst. She has been our
organization's accountant as well as our personal accountant now for several years and
we have had nothing but wonderful experiences. Thanks to her knowledge we have been
able to grow Whiskers Rescue and in the process provide the invaluable service of trap,
neuter, return for both the feral cat population and the members of our community
looking for an alternative to euthanasia. Linda has been instrumental in making this
Kathryn Gabrielescu
Whiskers Rescue Inc.

I have been active in a finance role for the International Ombudsman Association (and its
predecessor, The Ombudsman Association), as Treasurer for the past five of the six years
we have been working with you. I am pleased to have this opportunity to thank you for
the excellent service you have provided to our association during this period. You have
always prepared your reports accurately and on time and have benefited our
organization. For example, your budget suggestions have led to a more accurate and
easier to understand budget for our Board. Finances are one of the least exciting and
least understood topics to some of our Board members, but, now, many are asking
questions and have become fully engaged when finances are discussed. Equally
important, you have become a part of our team and you have made my job much easier
and enjoyable knowing that I can always count on you.
Thank you,
Gary Yamashita, Treasurer, International Ombudsman Association

Thank you Gary - I have enjoyed working with you too!

I would like to thank you so very much for taking your busy valuable time to meet me
yesterday morning. It was a very informative meeting and I appreciate knowing all (the)
information about how to and what to file for my organization. I have (a) much clearer
understanding from hearing your insightful advice....I enjoyed meeting you and thank you
so much again for all information. Even in a short time, I have learned so much... I look
forward to see (ing) you again soon....
Sincerely yours,
Tomoko Harada Co-Founder, Executive Director
National League of Performing Arts
Linda C Pfingst CPA, LLC